Pond Hollow Chesapeakes



ALL purely companion purpose puppies are sold on a limited registration. There is a provision to change this registration should you desire to compete in conformation or breed your dog. See LIMITED REGISTRATION AGREEMENT form above for details. We also REQUIRE that you come here to pick up your companion pup or have made a visit previously so that we can personally meet and you can see the puppies.


Shipping can be arranged ONLY for hunting puppies & breeding puppies. For all other purpose puppies-eg. companions, you must come here to pick your puppy up. However despite being able to ship a hunting or breeding prospect, we do prefer and recommend that you drive or fly in and take your puppy home. Puppies can be flown in the cabin as carry- on baggage. Considering the cost of airline shipping, temperature embargoes, and limited plane sizes that do not take live animals to many destinations, it is less stressful on the pup to flown in cabin or picked up and driven to his/her new home. ALL PUPPIES FOR OVERSEAS MUST BE PICKED UP AND FLOWN AS CARRY- ON. WE DO NOT SHIP CARGO OVERSEAS!

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