Pond Hollow Chesapeakes

Older Dogs

Thinking of an older dog ? Many times an older dog may be a better choice. We occasionally have girls that are being retired from breeding. They are usually house broken and have all health clearances and have been well socialized. Other time we may have a show or breeding prospect that did not meet our rigorous standards for either but still would make a lovely companion or good hunter. They are placed on a 30 day trial period. Please contact us directly to see if we have any available.

Or you might consider a rescue. Be aware though that often the dogs in rescue come with "baggage" or with little known about their background. Often people who give up dogs to rescue are not honest about all the dogs personality and health issues. We HIGHLY advise using a reputable rescue source if that is the way you decide to go. Make sure provision can be made to return the dog if it does not work out.


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