Ch Pond Hollow Kilimanjaro

(Ch* Pond Hollow Casablanca WD X Ch* Pond Hollow Rivertides Briar)



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About "Mandy":

MANDY was a beautifully coated and excellent moving girl. She loved to retrieve and had 2 legs on her JH title. She was much like her sire Bogey in personality and often slept by my feet while I worked on the computer. She had but 1 litter but it was a very outstanding one. 5 from the litter made Ch titles; 4 had hunt titles; 1 was a **; and 1 earned a Dog World Award on getting his CD. She is a litter sister to Ch Pond Hollow Sky Cries Geese.

While Bill was seriously ill in 2002, she developed a growth on her liver. It was benign. She was a happy well dog for 5 mos. but the damage to her liver was too much. It never recovered to its full function. She died at 4.5 yrs of age. Her son Ch * Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk & daughter Ch Pond Hollow Three Rvrs Royalt continue her lineage. We lost you too early Mandy.


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