Ch Pond Hollow Rappahannah CD MH WDX

OFA 8268G; EL951; CERF 5103/09-69*;Cardiac C28/56F;
Thyroid TH56/48F; PRA-Normal; EIC 4/60; DM46/N-N

DOB 7/30/2003



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About "Hannah":

HANNAH was co-owned with Jim Coulter of VA. She was 23" 70 lbs. with a thick and heavily waved coat. A deep sedge color, Hannah was not only a show stopper but an intense and highly stylish retriever! She completed her SH in April 2006-Hannah ran as hard on blinds as she did on marks. Unlike many Chesapeakes, she did not sulk or go soft when corrected in training-a real pleasure to train. In conformation, the same up attitude made her a real showman. Her movement compliments her conformation-sound and ground covering. Excellent front & rear angulation and she had a gorgeous head. Judge Michael Faulkner: "She made the other dogs in the ring look ordinary. She ws everything one would want in a Chesapeake." She finished with 3 majors including 2 BOB over specials. She made her MH title run by Jim and has a JAM in Amateur in a picnic trial. She had but one litter.

Her Offspring:

Ch Pond Hollow Willard Brown
Ch Pond Hollow Montauk Point
Pond Hollow Four Corners MH **


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