Ch Pond Hollow B-Spoken

OFA 10799G; EL2639-N; EYE 458/15-20*;
DM 1775-N; PRA 66-N; Cardiac 228-N; ED/SF 09-N; EIC-CBP

DOB 7/5/2013



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[ Pedigree ]

About "Edge":

EDGE also known as "Dude" is 24" and 80 lbs. and a lovely chestnut brown in color. Proven sire. His coat is heavily waved and coarse; handsome head and nicely bone and balanced in angulation. Edge completed his Ch title with three majors and a BOB from classes over champions.

His temperament is OUTSTANDING-very much his dam and her sire Casablanca. He is great with kids and other dogs. Well behaved, calm, smart and he takes new experiences in stride. EDGE reminds us so very much of our first Chesapeake Saxon. He is, in fact, a 6th generation offspring of Saxon's!

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